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Welcome to my counter!

I help people who want to grow in any area of life 

& building a Kingdom of God mindset in both group & one-on-one settings.

by sharing health resources & processes, providing a safe space to be in process, 

My Story


           It was about three months after my twins were born. It was all very exciting and, just like that, we had gone from being a family of four to a family of six! However, as life settled in, I found myself overwhelmed, overweight, and discouraged in my health & habits. I tried so many things to get myself back into a healthy rhythm, but the combination of limiting beliefs and the plethora of conflicting weight loss information was frustrating, to say the least. I. Felt. Stuck. Stuck both in my physical habits and in my thinking.

            I was ready to try anything. I found a health coach and she guided me through a program she used. I remember asking the Holy Spirit if I should do this and I'll never forget what He said: If this is what you want to do, I'll do it with you.

            What I didn't realize at the time was that this journey was going to propel me into a process of seeing myself. A whole new way of seeing myself because of how He saw me. The Holy Spirit used this context of food and health to challenge all sorts of beliefs and expose my thoughts for what they were. I am not just talking about how I thought about food or which diet I thought was the "right" way- I'm talking about who I amHe showed me His way in grace. He showed me what He can accomplish in me, more than I could ever do myself. I ended up losing 60lbs that year, yet gaining so. much. more.

             Today, I am a health coach with a passion to share these experiences, truths, and, yes, practical health strategies with you. I hope to inspire you in your own personal conversations with the Holy Spirit. I hope your faith will be strengthened to see beyond your current circumstances & beliefs, and be in awe of how the Creator sees & values you.

              This is His story in me. He showed me strength in a very real weakness. I know there is so much more for each of us. So welcome to my counter- the place where food, conversation, and a whole lot of life happens.

Cara Anne Jo

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