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Taco Cups

18 "Taco" Cups

(Per Serving)

200 cals








Use any flavored protein you'd like. Tacos are fun.

Taco Cups


  • 2 lbs of marinated bulgogi meat

  • 9 slices of Dave's Good Seed bread

  • 3 oz of shredded mozzerella cheese, divided

Steps to Make

  1.  On a frying pan, sear the bulgogi meat. (I don't like to cook it all the way through because it will be baked in the oven as well.)

  2. Cut the bread slices in half diagnally and line each cupcake baking sheet with one half slice of bread. Press the slices down and along the sides creating a smooth connected "cup" to hold the meat and cheese.

  3. Chop or shread the meat into small pieces and divide evenly between all 18 cups.

  4. Divide the 3 oz of shredded cheese evenly among the 18 cups.

  5. Bake for about 7 minutes at 350 degrees or until cheese is melted and you reach your desired crispiness on the bread.

1 Serving = 1 cup

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